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About WotoKOL

As a famous influencer marketing company, WotoKOL focuses on being a bridge between brands and influencers. We hope to make the brand go global and allow more consumers in the world to enjoy high-quality products. WotoKOL needs creators from all over the world to join us for mutual benefit. 1 million creators from 103 countries and 27 languages are keeping in touch with WotoKOL, and thanks to our joint efforts, 2500+ brands have been served. About 2 billion consumers in the world enjoy quality products because of our work.

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Why join WotoKOL?

Many creators like you have seen the value of global brands and started looking for opportunities to collaborate with brands.


Make money

Turn your influence into money and get more brands to notice you.


Build relationships with more brands

WotoKOL can serve as a bridge between you and brands, where you can find the entrance to the global market and start a new chapter in your career. You will seize more active and emerging job opportunities and expand your business landscape.


Benefit fans

Know more high-quality brands and products, get brand discounts, and recommend high-quality and cheap products for fans.


Get Free Products

In the course of working with brands, you will receive products from brands, mostly for free.

How to join WotoKOL?

WotoKOL has spent four years developing WotoHub, a platform linking influencers and brands. You can register and create a free influencer profile. Once you complete the registration profile, the creator will be added to the platform market. Opportunities for brand collaboration. Now there are (1 million) Internet celebrities registered to become WotoKOL partners.

Our Mission

WotoKOL is a global marketing brand, WotoHub is a global influencer platform.




Linking 103 countries.


Abundant resource

8693 brands.



Huge service team,
Senior technical team.



WotoKOL hopes more global creators join us to share high-quality brands and chase their dreams.

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WhatsApp:+86 136 5669 1904

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